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Well Testing Assistant

The Well Testing Assistant is an entry level position.  Assistants will be working directly with both the night and day supervisors on our customer oil and gas locations.  Assistants will be required to assist in daily operations such as rigging in and out of equipment, collecting data and reporting.  All work site activities will be done in a team environment and a safe manner, complying with safe work procedures and guidelines.  As an Assistant, you will be required to work in remote areas for extended periods of time in all weather conditions.  Preference will be given to candidates with relevant production testing experience.


Boiler Operator

Boiler operators should be familiar with high pressure steam applications and specifically with steam applications in relation to outdoor oilfield worksites that are not SAGD or facility related. The boiler operator must be competent in operating steam plants unsupervised, and always work with safety in mind.  Demon Oilfield currently operates a fleet of 6 -125hp skid mounted fire tube 2 pass boilers with 10,000 L water tank, 45kW diesel powered generator, and 8000L diesel tank. The two basic operations we currently are involved in are heating of fluid through the use of heat exchangers and pumps and provide lease steam assist for all services on lease.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a control room position this is a hands-on remote field position. Candidates must be physically fit and able to complete the job in a variety of situations and climates. This role requires a minimum of a valid ABSA “Special Oilwell” boiler ticket.


Well Testing Day Supervisor

A Well Testing Day Supervisor is responsible for the overall job scope of the job as well as maintaining a good working relationship with the oil & gas client/ company representative while operating a safe and efficient work site.

Supervisors must be willing to work in remote locations, in all weather conditions for extended periods of time.

Day Supervisors should be familiar with all types of equipment and processes associated with Well Test Applications. Supervisors should have the ability to organize personnel and equipment to complete job assignments and be willing to train less experienced personnel on related job aspects. Day Supervisors are responsible for all Demon personnel on site and all paperwork pertaining to the job including creating daily field tickets and safety paperwork.

Minimum 5 years experience in well testing specifically in order to be considered for Well Testing Supervisor position. 

How To Apply?

or fax resume to 403.946.4820


Super Heater Operator

Demon Oilfield Services operates a fluid heating division which includes our revolutionary new Rojo Diablo mega heaters or super heaters. These Mass Flow Water heaters are known for being the fastest and most fuel efficient heaters in the industry.  We are looking for experienced mega heater operators that are ready to work and learn about these superb state of the art pieces of equipment.

Megaheater/Superheater Operator Responsibilities:

  • Always keeping safety in mind while operating and rigging in the equipment

  • Operators should be familiar with pump applications, maintenance and electrical components and have basic knowledge of closed loop heating systems.

  • Forced Draft Burner Operation

  • Operate pumping systems to heat and pump the frac fluid as required from the source and operate burners for heating fluids using controls, gauges and switches.

  • Ensure basic maintenance and cleanliness of the equipment at all times

  • Ensure all paperwork is up to date including maintenance schedules, log books, and safety paperwork.

  • Communicate effectively with internal office personnel and operations staff as well as the clients on site.

  • Must work well with others on site and adhere to the safety and compliance of the site rules as well as Demon's safety policies and procedures.

In order to be considered, candidates must be physically fit and be capable of carrying hoses and fittings on site in all weather conditions.