ROJO Diablo Gen. 1


  • 4m3/ minute from 0-30C

  • 750 HP Burner

  • 30 Million B.T.U. burner



  • Rojo diablo Gen. 1 sits on a 36’ Tri-Axle trailer that is pulled by a 5500 Demon truck which allows the heater to be moved without issues during road bans or adverse weather conditions

  • The equipment is in an enclosed building, heated for our operators to be hands on all the time during heating operations. Also with 3 on board digital flow meters which allows our personnel to provide exact heated temperatures.

  • Designed to measure fluid volume to the exact gallon and we provide hourly log sheets so the on site client personnel know the exact temperatures, flow volumes and fuel consumption.


  • The Rojo Diablo can easily heat multiple water sources including tank farms, above ground ponds, lakes, rivers & pipelines.

Fuel Efficient

  • The Rojo Diablo has tri-fuel capabilities with the ability to run on either diesel, propane or natural gas.

  • When using diesel or propane these units require fewer delivery trucks to keep the unit running because of how fuel efficient they are.