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At Demon Oilfield Services, it is our policy that health and safety is at the forefront of all business operations.  Our commitment to occupational heath, safety and environmental excellence is one of our core values and a key aspect to our management philosophy. 

Demon Oilfield Services HSE commitment is extended into the following areas:

Safety in the Workplace: By providing all employees, contractors, clients, suppliers, and visitors with a safe workplace throughout all Demon Oilfield Services facilities, offices, and worksites; and by identifying and eliminating the causes of occupational injuries and illnesses.

Safety in Design: By protecting the community and environment through the design of our equipment that is safe to operate and maintain.

Leadership and Commitment: By leading by example and demonstrating a safety culture to our employees, contractors, clients, suppliers, and visitors.  All Demon’s management team is responsible for implementing and supporting HSE programs with the commitment to meet and surpass HSE objectives, targets, and performance.

Compliance: By meeting applicable occupational health and safety, environmental, statutory, legal, and other requirements.

Team responsibility: By maintaining a culture and seeking all levels, from management to field hands, to take personal accountability for occupational health and safety and environmental issues through employee involvement, training, and leadership at all levels. 

Continual improvement: By implementing plans and programs that derive from lessons learned and a continual review of the effectiveness of Demon Oilfield’s HSE Management System. 

Cory Finley – President, Demon Oilfield Services


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