Fin Design

Fin Design was established in 1999 to provide custom welding, fabrication, and ornamental iron working services to the agriculture industry,hospitality industry, local small business, and private citizens.

The success of Fin Design and the demand created by a vibrant energy sector led to the expansion of services in 2005 to include the oil and gas industry through the constructionof Oilfield Boiler Enclosures, flare stacks, spooling, pipe packages, pipe transport skids, structural welding, repairs,and modifications that included Production Testing Package modifications and the building of custom goose neck trailers.

A short 5 years later in 2010 Fin Design obtained its ABSA certification allowing it to commence boiler recertifications and repairs for our clients and their fleets of boilers and pressure vessels. The expanded capabilities provided through the shops ABSA certification led to larger and more complex Oil and Gas related projects.

Commencing in 2015, Fin Design became the sole builder of the Demon Oilfield Services, proprietary designed line of “ROJO Diablo” mass flow fluid heaters. Both their 35 MMBTU Skidded units and the 30MMBTU mobile unites are built in house to the highest quality standards following both ABSA and ISO9001 standards.

Manufacturing and Machining

  • Laith Machining Capability

  • 5 axis, European tooling tolerances - 80 Ton Press Break

  • ABSA Certified Inspection and maintenance facility

  • Powder coating & Paint Shop

  • Custom fabrication of metal parts

Mechanical Assembly

  • Structural and B-Pressure welding personnel on staff

  • Mig, Tig and stick welding capability

  • Boiler inspection services

  • Dual Fuel (Diesel / Natural Gas) Burner Retrofits

Design Capability

  • Autodesk Inventor 3D Modelling software

  • AutoCAD 2D Modelling software

  • Nesting Software &Lay flat 3D item breakdown for cutting steel metal – sheet utilization

  • 3D Laser scanning capability allowing for 3D modelling of existing structures

  • Computer controlled Laser & Water Jet cutting tables

    • 12’x6’x1” (mild steel)

    • 12’x6’x0.5” (Stainless & Aluminium)